Selected Sources

Books & Articles

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Video, On-line, & Other, curated by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, contains a wealth of information, including a complete set of Regeneración, the writings of RFM, and an extensive digital library in PDF form.

Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery, a film by Walter Domínguez, whose grandfather fought with Práxedis Guerrero. On YouTube and Amazon Prime. The Border(1908–1909), a news magazine published by PLM supporters in Tucson, is available in the University of Arizona Special Collections Library.

Morenci: Diary of a Strike, Local 616, International Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers (undated, 1950s). On youtube.

Los Mineros, Paul Espinosa and Hector Galán (1991). This film is out of distribution, but available on youtube in five parts: the minersa, miners2, miners3, miners4, miners5.

Salt of the Earth, Herbert J. Biberman. (1954). On youtube.